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World Malaria Day Button! 

Show your support for World Malaria Day by displaying the World Malaria Button online on your website. 

Having the World Malaria Day Button on your site will link visitors to both Roll Back Malaria's "World Malaria Day" site and the new World Malaria Day civil society site where they can find out what events are taking place on World Malaria Day.


Alternatively you can put the World Malaria Day button in your email signature and ask others to do the same.To find out how, click here.

Last year....... 

In 2008 our aim was for as many websites as possible to display the button by 25th April. By April 25th we were aware of over 140 websites having this on display.

Download the 2008 World Malaria Day Button Statement!

So you can make a difference on World Malaria Day by getting the World Malaria Day Button on your website


Roll Back Malaria World Malaria Day 2009




Please let us know where you are going to use the World Malaria Day button by emailing us at

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